Multi Rotor Turbine Assembly


This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of QBlade.

Visualization of a Multi-Rotor Turbine Assembly.

Fig. 79 Visualization of a Multi-Rotor Turbine Assembly.

A turbine with multiple rotors may be defined in the dialog Menu->Turbine Definition->Create a Multi-Rotor Turbine Assembly. A Multi-Rotor Assembly requires the definition of a common Substructure Definition. The common substructure definition must then contain multiple transition pieces (TP_INTERFACE_POS) that may have different orientations (TP_ORIENTATION). If a common substructure is loaded into the Multi Turbine Assembly dialog (see Fig. 80) a turbine from QBlades database (that contains its own structural definition and controller) can be assigned to each of these transition pieces.

The Multi-Rotor Assembly Dialog.

Fig. 80 The Multi-Rotor Assembly Dialog.

Multi Rotor Turbine Assembly Export

A Multi Turbine Assembly can be exported or imported in the .mta format. The file content points towards the common substructure file and towards the turbine (.trb) files that are used in the multi-rotor assembly. See an exemplary .mta file below:

----------------------------------------QBlade Multi Turbine Assembly Definition File-------------------------------
Generated with : QBlade IH v2.0.2_alpha windows
Archive Format: 310003
Time : 18:25:50
Date : 04.07.2022

----------------------------------------Object Name-----------------------------------------------------------------
double_OC4                               OBJECTNAME         - the name of the multi-rotor turbine object

----------------------------------------Assembly Definition---------------------------------------------------------
OC4_DeepCWindSemi_Sub_LPMD.dat           SUBSTRUCTURE       - the path of the common substructure file that is used in this multi turbine assembly
NREL_5MW_OC4.trb                         MASTER             - the master turbine of the assembly
NREL_5MW_OC4.trb                         SLAVE_1            - the slave turbine(s) of the assembly