DLC Generator


This feature is only available in the Enterprise Edition of QBlade.

QBlade-EE is equipped with a fully featured automatic DLC generator (see Fig. 93), according to the following standards:

  • IEC 61400-1 Ed. 2

  • IEC 61400-1 Ed. 3

  • IEC 61400-2 Ed. 2

  • IEC 61400-3-1 Ed. 1

  • IEC 61400-3-2 Ed. 2

Furthermore, the DLC generator allows to setup automatic evaluations of Campbell Diagrams and Aeroelastic Operational (Power) Curves. After a DLC has been defined in the dialog, all individual loadcases can be automatically exported as .sim files, for an evaluation in the Command Line Interface or can be directly evaluated in the GUI via the Multi-Threaded Batch Analysis (see Fig. 94).

The DLC Generator Dialog.

Fig. 93 The DLC Generator Dialog.

Generation of DLC Simulations from a DLC definition.

Fig. 94 Generation of DLC Simulations from a DLC definition.

Alternatively, DLC sets can be defined using an Excel spreadsheet.